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Jun 11, 2006 01:08 PM

Piazza Navona area Rome

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I am marking Chow-recommendations on my maps. Would it be completely excessive to consider grazing between Da Baffeto and Cul de Sac for a long evening out in that end of town? Am I obsessing and need to just put the maps away? I hope this trip is as fun as the planning.

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    Peter Cherches

    Those were the places I was going to recommend if you were looking for recommendations.

    That will be no problem, since the pizzas at Bafetto are small enough and Cul de Sac serves small plates.

    I haven't been to Rome in some time, but two things that stood out at Cul de Sac were the smoked swordfish and the spinach pie (perhaps the best Middle Eastern spinach pie I've eaten--who'da thunk?)

    Just make sure you leave room for gelato at one of the great gelaterias by Piazza Navona.


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      Thanks for the affirmation Peter. I think it was your post that started me towards Cul de Sac in the first place. I'm also taking the Guide Routard advice from your blog.