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Jun 11, 2006 09:14 AM

Decent Mexican in London??

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Is it possible to eat authentic, imaginative Mexican food in London??

Sick and tired of bland mince in various wrappings. There must be more to it than that?

Help - restore my faith!

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    angela gilliam

    check out

    it's a mexican product shop near elephant and castle which also cooks and delivers meals every friday. we have ordered twice, and both meals were excellent. i am no afficionado, but the owner/chef is mexican and they serve real mexican food; posole, chiliquile, taquitos, etc. they offer 2 choices, and the total is £5.50 per person including delivery within zone 1-2.

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    1. re: angela gilliam

      In terms of Mexican restaurants, the answer is no. They are useless. There is absolutely no point in going to a Mexican restaurant in London.

      1. re: Tony Finch

        I'd have to second that view. There is no decent Mexican food to be had in London.

        1. re: Junebug

          I think the situation has improved a lot in the last two years with Taqueria and Mestizo, but they are still a long way off the good stuff. If you live in London, then thye are your best bets; if you don't, then don't bother. Go to Indian or Cantonese or even (ahem) British food, such as it is.

    2. There's a place in Euston Road, just a few minutes walking from the Warren Street station. I think it's called Mestizo. Not great, but pretty damn good tacos and everything else we had was generally quite tasty (except for the guacamole, sigh). A few annoying hiccups in the service - they tried to hard to upsell us on starters, for instance, and when we stood our ground we were obviously branded the "difficult" table - but overall the food made up for it.

      1. Taqueria on Westbourne Grove might be worth a try. It's not the most truly authentic place, but has a nice and often creative selection of Mexican tapas-style dishes: good tacos, sopes, tortas, etc.

        1. There's a small place called Crazy Homies on Westbourne Park Road which actually has pretty decent mexican. I've only been once so I can't vouch for consistency, but the chips and salsas were tasty (yes, I'm american, so it's chips) and the burritos weren't half bad. I'm told the quesadillas (although they were called something else, if I remember correctly) were pretty good as well. Definitely worth a try if you're in the neighborhood.

          1. There is a new gem of a place tucked away near the top of Brick Lane on 51 Bethnal Green called Green and Red Cantina. Top shelf tequila and the food from the Jalisco region is to die for. Proper mexican food and staff. I challenge you to hate it.