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Jun 10, 2006 11:03 AM

Pho in Paris?

  • j

I've got a craving... been searching through posts but everything seems older.
Great cheap pho can be had, I'm sure... but where?

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  1. Amply covered in the posts over the last year. Same places are still good. Now quit surfing the Net and get out to Porte d'Ivry.

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      lots of choices in the 13th arr...can't remember the name of the place i always go to but there're always lots of people there at lunch time...i guess follow the crowd is a safe bet.

    2. Pho 88, ave de Choisey was always packed with customers. Never ate there, they were always too busy.



      1. Le Bambou, 70 rue Baudricourt in the 13th. Lines always out the door, almost everything I've tried there has been great. Closed on Mondays.


        1. On rue Riquet, 19th arrondissement. Facing the metro station, almost at the corner with avenue de Flandre.
          A true vietnamese, its Pho is outstanding ! Just try the house one with saté. It goes with chinese basil, fresh mint, lemon and hoisin sauce on side as always. I suggest a "3 couleurs" drink as a fresh beverage for desert. Very asian place away from the chinese districts of 13th arrondissement and Belleville area. Always open (so far !!).

          1. Try Paris Hanoï, 74, Rue de Charonne, 11th arrondissement. Very tiny and cheap place. You'd better get a reservation or be ready to wait outside for a while.

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              Reservation to eat pho, how Parisan.