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Jun 8, 2006 04:54 PM

Good Eats near London Zoo

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Hi All,
Does anyone have some good suggestions for places to eat easily accessable from London Zoo? They need to be relatively relaxed as there will be a toddler and baby in tow (not to mention a possibly cantankerous grandfather!). The toddler is pretty adventurous foodwise so there isn't anything too off limits but greek/middle eastern would be ideal.


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  1. Head to Regent's Park Road in Primrose Hill - 10 minutes walk from the zoo - and go to Lemonia - large, buzzy Greek restaurant which is very reasonable. Depending when you go you might have to book.

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    1. re: Denise

      Good recommendation! I ate there a few years ago, so I don't recall what was was ordered, but I know I enjoyed it. It remains a favorite of my son and his family. Very nice area to browse, too.

      1. re: Pat Hammond

        Lemonia has a smaller sibling across the road (Name??) that has a more relaxed vibe.

        Id also give Marine Ice a try - does good pizza n pasta as well as authentic ice cream - the kids will love all.

        Posh grub available at a nearby place called Bradley's that might mollify shirty grandparent.

        1. re: Chairman Mao

          Lemonia's other restaurant is called Limani though might not be so good with kids. The other place that springs to mind is Fishworks on Regent's Park Road. I'm not a huge fan of the chain as I think it's rather too expensive for what it is but kids eat free there up until about 7pm. They have a website so I would check it out. I live in the area and am not sure where Bradley's is?

          1. re: Denise

            The cafe in Regents Park (on the Western edge of the inner circle in Regents Park) was refurbished last summer. As of last summer, the food was very good (salads, steak, grilled fish), although service wasn't. Plus, on a nice day, you can sit outside.

            1. re: Junebug

              I went last weekend and food was ok, not fab. Henry Harris of Racine is supposed to be executive consultant, though you would never know it. However, the Aussie manager was rude to Basil Fawlty proportions.

              1. re: Denise

                I guess the food has declined in quality, while the service has remained about the same. Was trying not to be too rude when I said the service wasn't good, in the hopes we'd caught someone on a bad day. Truth be told, when we went there, with two young children in tow, the service was perhaps the worst I've ever encountered in Britain and was enough to make us decide it wasn't worth the hassle of trying again with kids (even ones that were, for mysterious reasons, behaving prefectly on the day), so maybe it isn't such a good recommendation.

                1. re: junebug

                  Our own service actually wasn't too bad but when we arrived a Chinese couple were trying to enquire about a table. The Australian head waiter was practically shouting in their faces, as if they were half wits 'I don't understand you' and then brushed them aside, whilst rolling his eyes at us under the false illusion that we would understand his dilemma with the pesky foreigners. I later heard him shouting in the same manner to an elderly lady trying to find the loos. Weird thing is, after living in Oz for nearly five years I always believed the service industry over there to be exemplary. They obviously drop their standards once they go abroad!

          2. re: Chairman Mao

            Ditto on Marine Ice!