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Jun 8, 2006 10:35 AM

Toulouse Restaurants

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We'll be In Toulouse for 4 nights in mid July and would appreciate any recommendations for restaurants serving regional fare and are suitable for 2 budding chowhounds ages 2 and 6. We'll be staying in the old part of the city, so places centrally located would be ideal. My husband and I will also be able to have a grown up dinner(without the kids) and would love suggestions for 1 or 2 star restaurants. Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Le Sherpa on the Rue du Taur is a great spot for lunch or a light dinner. They are known for their salads and their massive tea selection. But I think your children will also appreciate the ice cream selection! :)
    It's in a great location: between Place du Capitole and Basilique St. Sernin.

    1. For me the dining highlight of Toulouse was Michel Sarran---great, robust southwestern cooking, very friendly service, beautiful garden setting. Maybe a little too haute for the kids, but I'll bet the restaurant would be accommodating.

      There's a lunch prix fixe for 45 eur. including wine.


      1. We've always liked Brasserie les Beaux Arts (one of the Flo restaurants). Very dependable, very professional, and not so sophisticated as to be kid-unfriendly. They do serve regional specialties and the decor will transport you to fin-de-siecle France.
        Here's the website: