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Jun 8, 2006 10:35 AM

Toulouse Restaurants

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We'll be In Toulouse for 4 nights in mid July and would appreciate any recommendations for restaurants serving regional fare and are suitable for 2 budding chowhounds ages 2 and 6. We'll be staying in the old part of the city, so places centrally located would be ideal. My husband and I will also be able to have a grown up dinner(without the kids) and would love suggestions for 1 or 2 star restaurants. Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Le Sherpa on the Rue du Taur is a great spot for lunch or a light dinner. They are known for their salads and their massive tea selection. But I think your children will also appreciate the ice cream selection! :)
    It's in a great location: between Place du Capitole and Basilique St. Sernin.

    1. For me the dining highlight of Toulouse was Michel Sarran---great, robust southwestern cooking, very friendly service, beautiful garden setting. Maybe a little too haute for the kids, but I'll bet the restaurant would be accommodating.

      There's a lunch prix fixe for 45 eur. including wine.

      Link: http://www.michel-sarran.com/index.htm

      1. We've always liked Brasserie les Beaux Arts (one of the Flo restaurants). Very dependable, very professional, and not so sophisticated as to be kid-unfriendly. They do serve regional specialties and the decor will transport you to fin-de-siecle France.
        Here's the website:

        Link: http://www.brasserielesbeauxarts.com/