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Jun 8, 2006 07:58 AM

Advice on various Rasas in London?

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I am trying to decide between Rasa W1 on Dering and Rasa Samudra on Charlotte Street for dinner tonight. Dining with two friends, one of whom is completely vegetarian, and the other of whom eats fish. Have seen some good reviews elsewhere for Rasa W1, but am curious about Samudra, which is newer and appears to specialize in fish (with some good vegetarian options as well). I'm also interested in any other suggestions people might have for relatively-inexpensive places that are easily reachable from Green Park (on foot, bus or tube). Thanks!

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  1. I can't help you with the Rasas, but there are tons of places off Shaftsbury close to Piccadilly Circus - a short hop down from Green Park. I had some decent Japanese with friends at Satsuma not too long ago. I didn't choose it, but the Bento box looked pretty yummy and was about £14 while other dishes were much less.

    1. Hey Judy, hope this isn't too late (in which case where did you go and what was it like)?

      I've eaten at Rasa W1 with my girlfriend and her mother and it was great. Very tasty, and very fresh, almost delicate flavours (by which I don't mean bland, just... fragrant?). The service was really good, they helped recommend food and great wine that went with it too!

      There's a good review site here for London Curry Houses,

      There's reviews here as well for Brick Lane Curry Houses, they tend to be the heavier North Indian curries as opposed to Euston's Drummond Street Curry Houses where you can get good dosas from Diwana. Both areas are cheap cheapness (around a fiver for mains).

      Euston is three stops and about 5 minutes from Green Park heading north on the Victoria Line. For Brick Lane change at Oxford Circus for the Central line and head east to Liverpool Street, Brick Lane is a 5 minute walk from there and should take about 30 minutes to get to.