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Jun 6, 2006 05:32 PM


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Hi, can't decide which one to try, as we haven't been to any. Would love to get Hound input. Your personal preference, must we try all? And if you were to bring an 11 and a 16yr old (both adventurous eaters, but not the most quiet guests), which one? And I'll throw in one more loop: have you seen dogs in any of these? She's a small well behaved (I might say better than the boys) pug mix, but we could of course leave all 3 at our apartment. Thank you.

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  1. I ate at Arce and La Broche last October. I wrote a reply on these restaurants to a post by David W. The link is below. I have not eaten at Viridiana. As for your dog, I have never seen a pet in a serious restaurant in Madrid. If your children enjoy food, I would not hesitate to take them to Arce. It is a very friendly and informal restaurant. The night that I ate there, there were mostly large groups and it was fairly noisy. La Broche, though not stuffy, is more formal and quiet. Since you probably know your children best, only you can decide if you want to take them to such a place.


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      Thank you, I was leaning towards Arce too. But I've never been to either one and it's great to hear that confirmed. Much appreciated.I'll politely ask them beforehand about the dog, but I know Madrid is no Paris.

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        I think Arce is the best choice. It's a lively, relaxed place, and the chef will tailor the food to your children's taste-he's terrific.

        They might enjoy some of the more playful aspects of the food at La Broche, but it's pretty sedate, and the tasting menu runs about 3 hours. If you want to sample the chef's ideas on food, I'd suggest going to his place at the Reina Sofia-there were children eating there at lunch when we went.

        1. re: David W

          Thank you David. I noticed your previous post on Arolo Dia. And we as parents would certainly prefer the less sedate atmosphere of arce. The 11 yr old likes to share rather loudly how much he enjoys every bite of his meal. Arce it is!

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            I agree that Arce would be a good choice. There's no problem taking your kids to any of these places (the concept of children being seen and not heard is foreign here--as long as they are relatively domesticated they will be fine). The dog is out. People love their dogs here and there are dozens (hundreds?) of terrazas (outdoor cafes) this time of year where you could take the dog, but not to a restaurant like Arce, Viridiana, etc.

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              hi Butterfly, I really did not expect to bring the dog. Allthough we've encountered differing attitudes towards dogs in restaurants depending on which city we visited in Spain. Also, I came across a previous post that you were visiting Granada during holy week. Did you find anywhere interesting to eat? I've heard of a great tapas place Los Diamantes, but would love to hear if you found a good restaurant. Just great food and atmosphere. Thank you, I've found many of your posts to be of help.

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                Hi--Yes we did go to Granada during holy week. I had my elderly mother and four-year-old son in tow (she loved it--and so did we) and a lot of non-food-related research to do, which I why I didn't report back.

                For Semana Santa, the city was an absolute madhouse with processions, crowds, streets cut off, so our eating wasn't at all disciplined. Note to self: small child/elderly person covers a whole spectrum of difficulty--next Semana Santa we're going somewhere más tranquilo.

                We mostly just asked around and grazed in areas with lots of tapas bars and ate lunch at home (we rented a place for the week). My strategy is always to order a beer, sherry or glass of wine and see what comes my way and then supplement this with whatever else looks good. The tapas are very generous in Granada. We did go to Los Diamantes--for pescaíto (fried fish), I believe. And to El Antiguo Castañeda (or some similar name)... The names of the others are lost in the fog of time. Try remojón, if you get a chance (cod and orange salad).

                We did eat one night at the Carmen Verde Luna in the Albaicín, near where we were staying. The meal itself was fine, but it was the view of the Alhambra from the terraza...unbelievably beautiful and this time of year you would also get to watch the sunset at dinnertime. I believe there were several other restaurants on "miradores" in the Albaicín.

                Above all, I enjoyed the jamón iberico. The very best is available at many of the bars in Granada and the guys really know how to hand cut it. Also, Granada has some really great places for ice cream and horchata (heladerías and horchaterías).

                I've heard good things about Bar FM, but we didn't make it there due to streets being cut off when we wanted to go (I believe it is a bit removed from the center). Please report back. I'm planning to go back again sometime in the fall.

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                  Hi, I will try my best to post during our trip. We're travelling for 6 weeks through Spain and much of our dining will be home cooked or wherever things look good. And of course be dependend on the availability of a terrace where we can dine con perro (perrita), or when certain young legs refuse to go any further. But we will make reservations at a few great restaurants. We spend 3 weeks in Spain last year and allthough we found a great gem in San Sebastian (Bar Igeldo) and ate (an exceptional meal) at Arzak, we weren't as well prepared as I had miscalculated my ability to weed through all the bad "restaurants". There seem to be much less mom amd pops places then I remembered, from when I still lived in Europe. I hope I have many exciting places to post about.

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        And thank you, I did indeed read your previous post which had steered me in Arce's direction. Will also go to Can Fabes,. Definitely minus dog and minus children on that one. Thanks again.

        1. re: misspoetje

          I always admire parents who make the effort of taking their children to good restaurants. I have seen children eating the long tasting menus and enjoying themselves at some of the best restaurants in France and Spain. And have a wonderful meal at Can Fabes and please report back.