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Jun 6, 2006 03:48 PM

Le Procope, Paris, assurance needed

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hello fellow chows,
All of my restaurant reservations are made, L'Amis Louis, Le Pamphet, L'os a Moelle, Ma Bourgogone for July. Although le Dome accepted my reservation, they have decided to close that Sunday so it's a no go! My hotel recommended Le Procope in the 6th. Any reassurances or other suggestions? It is a Sunday which makes it very difficult.
I promise to write a long report as a thank you for everyone's help. I will be in France in July.

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  1. Not gonna get one from me. There are much better options for my euros. Le Procope is the worst pick on your list.

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    1. re: Busk
      fai jay (fai jackson)

      I agree with Busk do not go to this place. For a Sunday evening I would recommend L'Ardoise in the first arr. not far from Place Vendome. Hectic, but fun with good food every time I have gone.

      1. re: fai jay (fai jackson)

        When I saw responses from Maurice & Fay Jay I knew I was in good offense to Busk & Joanie but I always so enjoy reading Maurice & Fay Jay posts! Our hotel supplied the rec for Le Procope so I'm really happy that I checked with CH. I'll change the res to L'Ardoise. Thanks again.

        1. re: judela
          fai jay (fai jackson)

          Well thank you for your compliment. I always hope that what I post about my favourite places will help. Bon Appetit and have a wonderful time.

    2. Our Sun. dinner was at Mon Vieil Ami (69 rue St.Louis-en-l'Ile) which was very nice, 3 courses for 38€. Lots of Americans and more modern looking than many places in Paris but quite good. And I didn't think Paris restaurants were as dead on a Sun. as people will lead you to believe (at least in March).

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      1. re: Joanie
        faijay( fai jackson)

        It's not that it is dead on Sunday night--more of a precaution, since this is the night that has the most restaurant closings. It is wise to always check the closing times in any restaurant in which you are interested. Patrons can and are very capricious about this.

        1. re: faijay( fai jackson)

          No, it's not dead on Sunday night, it's just that many losers stay open. Sunday night, it's best to head out for couscous, one genre where the decent places stay open on Sunday.

          1. re: faijay( fai jackson)

            Look in family neighborhoods like the 7ème and 16ème for restaurants that are open on Sunday.

            You will find that families often dine out on Sunday, after driving back from the country. Nice atmosphere, with a little dog under every table.

        2. m
          Maurice Naughton

          Le Procope is an ancient cafe of great historical interest. Unfortunately, the food is lousy. You might want to go there for a cup of coffee just to see the place, but don't order dinner.

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          1. re: Maurice Naughton

            And the Pub St. Germain next door used to be a great place to drink, especially in "Parrot Bar" section in the basement past midnight. Alas, I think the PSG has been closed for three years now.

          2. CAFÉ PROCOPE is one of the oldest restaurants is Paris, if not the oldest. Thomas Jefferson dined there!
            Located on Rue de l'Ancienne Comedie ,off Boulevard Saint Gérmain, a wonderful old street with lots of history. Unfortunately, the food is very mediocre.

            It is, however, worth a stop, like visiting a museum. You might want to stop by for a refreshing Orange or Citron Pressé in the afternoon.

            Check the GUIDE MICHELIN and GAULT-MILLAU for dinner suggestions. ZAGAT PARIS has some excellent recommendations as well, as is online.

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            1. re: Fleur

              To clairy, it is not the oldest restaurant in Paris, just an old one.

            2. Le Procope is the oldest restaurant in Paris and is worth a wonder through for the historical significance. It is a poor brasserie. I have had good Sunday dinners at Dessirer, a brasserie specializing in fish and Ze Kitchen Gallerie, a modern bistro melding Asian flavors creatively.

              Bon Appetit,