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Jun 6, 2006 09:27 AM

Siena Part 1

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Hi all, we are in the midst of our three day stay in Siena. It is a wonderful place to spend a few days and so convenient to other towns in Tuscany.

We have had one wonderful dining experience and one really poor.

Ristorante Guido, 0577.280042
was really terrific. It has been around since the 1930s and is one of the local institutions. A friend recommended it and the hotel gave it a thumbs up.
we started with risotto and pasta with artichokes. Both were spectacular. For mains we had steak florentine with roasted potatoes. The steak was very good, not the best florentine we have had but we would order it again. The service was excellent as was the wine list. The pastas were 8euros and the steak was $50 for two. We didn't have dessert or coffee.

We did not fare so well at trattoria bottega nuova which came highly recommended on this board. The service was poor (can we say attitude), the food mediocre and the worst was the almost raw chicken. We didn't stay for coffee or dessert. The people next to us also hated the restaurant.

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  1. Is Osteria Le Logge still in business? Had an absolutely fabulous meal there. Allthough it was in mid truffle season. And, I believe 20 yrs ago. Can also recommend their cookbook for it's hilarious illustrations.

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      It's still open. My husband and I had a great meal there in April.

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        That's great to hear. Not sure when I'll ever be in Siena again, but anyone visiting should not miss it. Glad you had a wonderful meal too.

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        as i said, its living off its its just fair at best