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Jun 6, 2006 12:18 AM

best place for belgian pommes frites

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howdy all,
i am looking for a place that has the best french fries in belgium. i have a friend starting a restaurant in the usa and he says that the best fries are in belgium. any ideas (especially close to any highway going to the netherlands) would be appreciated.
regards, ken

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  1. There is no such thing as best Belgium frites. They're all good because they are fried a certain way. Blanched in oil on low heat, then lightly fried on a bit higher heat, and then fried (finished) at 350 degrees. that gets the potato crisp at the outside and keeps it still soft on the inside. You'll find little stalls all over the place that sells frites, croquettes and fried fish and mussels. The stalls are well marked with (POMME FRITES) so you can't miss them. Try the veal or the shrimp croquettes , they're amazing. You'll find very much the same kind of street food all through the Netherlands. If you can search out some of the local markets I recommend you do. The food at the markets is fantastic. Market days vary from town to town, just ask the locals about it.

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      if you end up in Holland - easy to cross the border by mistake, allthough you'll immediately notice the no longer confusing traffic signs - Pommes Frites are called Patat (Friet)

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        Just to make life more confusing ... "patat" refers to potatoes in general; in Holland and Flanders (northern, Dutch-speaking Belgium) what you're specifically looking for are called "vlaamse frites" (Flemish fries). I think they're only called "pommes frites" south of Brussels ...

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          you're right. It is pomme frite in Walen and patat friet in Vlaanderen and Nederland. Had forgotten all about that!

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            Maurice Naughton

            And you might as well know that the most traditional dressing for Belgian fries is mayonnaise. Although you'll now find all kinds of other sauces offered.

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            As far as I know - I'm from the north of Holland - patat is only used for frites in Holland, potatoes are called aardappelen (earthappels).

      2. As others have noted, you can get them in the Netherleands. They have the option of peanut sauce as a dipping sauce - incredibly yummy.

        1. If your friend is serving pommes frites, is he using the traditional paper cones from Belgium? If so, would he mind sharing his source? I posted a request for this info a few weeks ago and haven't located the source yet...

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            go to Please note: there is a minimum order and I am not sure for how much. The paper cones come is several sizes. The ones I bought are 7 by 7 inches when they are folded down. Opened as a cone they look a bit larger and they hold a fairly large order of frites. I will look for your other post and leave the info there as well. Good luck and let me know if this was of help to you.