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Jun 5, 2006 11:11 PM

Turks & Caicos - Provo Recs Needed (T&C)

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Will be in Provo in a week and would appreciate any recomendations.

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  1. Hey Mike, I was in Provo in March and thought the food was really good. Here is a list of where we ate.

    Parallel 23 - I thought this place was really good. Scallop sashimi was excellent and they had a very good calamari salad and crab cakes. However, it was the costliest restaurant we ate at, passing 200 (for 2) with just a single glass of wine and no dessert.

    Aqua - This was the best meal we had all trip and the cheapest too. They had a great lobster tail and the pecan crusted conch was incredible. We were told there signature dish was the conch wontons and they were excellent. Avoid the coffee rubbed seared tuna, sounded interesting but the flavors didnt mix.

    Coyaba - This too was a wonderful meal but had similar prices to Parallel 23. Very good Dessert menu, Wine selection and excellent lobster choices (that night they had three different ways you could get it).

    Bay Bistro - the bartender, Junior, is the main attraction here and the food was ok. They had a coconut crusted conch that was really good if you take it out of the curry sauce (the two flavors didnt go well together).

    Since we were on an island we stuck with mostly seafood dishes though the occasional burger was ordered for lunch. Conch is the national fish and most places you go to will have it one way or another on the menu, we tried some variation of at all the places mentioned above. Hope this helps and have a good trip.

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      mary shaposhnik

      Hmm, my experience at Parallel 23 in January was quite different -- it was our only regret of the trip. Great neo-colonial setting, but other than a lovely amuse of shrimp, absolutely everything we ordered was mediocre (not to mention tiny). I can't even remember it, other than some so-called gazpacho that was really off-tasting. Really expensive, even by island prices.

      I agree that Junior at Bay Bistro is a really good bartender. I had not even heard anything about him being "well known" until I came back, but I remember getting my drink and commenting that it was really well done.

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