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Jun 5, 2006 06:33 PM

which indian restaurant in london

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amaya, tamarind, cinnamon club, veerasramy, which one would you choose, or do you have another rec? thanks

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  1. You should try Rasoi Vineet Bhatia (apologies if any spelling incorrect)on Lincoln St, just off the Kings Road. Its had good reviews and won the Best Indian restaurant in the Tio Pepe London Restaurant Awards last year. I've eaten there and found it to be quite charming- with great care taken over the food.
    The Cinnamon Club is good, but its not as 'Indian' as you might imagine- even in a contemporary sense.

    1. 1. mohsen, warwick road, iranian. open after the next three weeks. superlative.

      2. bosphorous kebab house, old brompton road by the south ken tube station. excellent lamb steaks.

      3. al dar, ken high street street. phenomenal chicken shish taouk sandwiches/main, drape it with garlic sauce (toom). truly outstanding foul muqala (fava beans).

      4. randa on ken church street, just up from the church, lebanese. competent maroush chain.

      5. clarkes, further up ken church street towards notting hill. excellent lunch values - get steak/roast chicken (modern british).

      6.bombay brasserie - lunch buffet ONLY - on weekends that too. outstanding value for indian food..

      7. orangery in kensington gardens for a snack.

      it goes on ....

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      1. re: howler

        howler, have you ever eaten at Benares? I'm wondering if it's worth a trip.

        1. re: zuriga

          For a "high end" Indian choose Rasoi Vineet Bhatia. Avoid Amaya and Cinnamon Club like the plague.

          1. re: Tony Finch

            Gawd, Tony... we Yanks have so much to learn when we move to the UK!! OK.. will try your place one of these days. I think the problem might be that Amaya and the Cinnamon Club make good tasting food ...for those who don't know what very authentic 'Indian' food tastes like in India.

            1. re: zuriga

              don't worry. rasoi vineet bhatia is about as 'indian' as le gavroche.

              really, it cracks me up that we get all these nouvelle indian cuisines when vineet bhatia probably couldn't make a masur aamti to save his life.

              indian cuisine is mainly vegetarian, and its HARD to make good vegetarian food. if you want to judge the quality of a chefs hand, see how he makes the vegetarian dishes.

              tough test, that.

          2. re: zuriga

            yes, and 'twas awful.

            try moti mahal on queen anne street instead.

            hey aren't you out west? have you explored southall, wembley etc?

            1. re: howler

              No, I'm south.. way south. Our local is so good that we just usually eat right here. We've tried countless other places nearby and none can top it. At least my husband is British and knows more than I do. :-)

          3. re: howler

            I'm trying to find a not-too-expensive restaurant for tonight, located somewhere convenient (on foot, bus or tube) to Green Park, for two vegetarian Indian friends (one eats fish, the other does not). Was thinking about Rasa in W1, any thoughts?

            1. re: judy

              Following up my last message, I just realized that there were two Rasa branches in the same area -- Rasa W1 on Dering and Rasa Samudra on Charlotte, the latter specializing in seafood. Recs?

              1. re: Judy

                oh god, no.

                avoid rasas at all cost.

                closer to you and MUCH better is quilon, in buck palace gate. google it and check out their lunch/dinner menus. (annoyingly, the first listing by google isn't quilons own website, you'll have to scroll through the results to find it).

                the lunch is esp a bargain.

                1. re: howler

                  Thanks for the tip (out of curiosity, what's wrong with it/them?)

                  1. re: howler

                    oops, problem. unfortunately, since two of us are financially-distressed Londoners (the Green Parker is from out of town), quilon is a bit too rich for our blood at the moment. any other thoughts? I was also considering Ragam or Malabar Junction, based on Harden's rec.

            2. thanks for all your input!