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Jun 5, 2006 01:44 PM

How much $$ is El Bulli and where to stay?

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I have a reservation at El Bulli at the end of August and want to start bugeting for my trip now. Any idea how much the tasting menu costs? How is the wine list - reasonable or outrageous? And, do they offer wines by the glass or a wine pairing with the tasting menu? Also -- any recommendations for nice and convenient places to stay would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I believe it is 170 Euros per person this year. The wine list is very reasonable (as it is everywhere in Spain--very small markups). We ordered drinks and wine by the glass. I found that I really didn't want to drink too much... the food was so stimulating. At the beginning of the meal, one of the courses is usually a drink, you may want to plan around this. We drank a fino sherry with the snacks/tapas part of the meal.

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      Be prepared for a ride at a culnary funfair. A four hour meal and twenty one courses, and afterwards I could have murdered a kebab!

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        When did you go there, what year, I mean? I went in April (this year) and was a bit worried for my boyfriend's sake that he wouldn't have enough to eat. But it was enough for him, a little too much for me. We had 30 courses that were listed on the menu, but several extra that weren't listed.
        And yes, it was 170 euros.

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          torta basilica

          My husband was hungry too - we attacked our hotel's fruit basket when we finally got home. Still worth it (for me, at least!)

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      torta basilica

      butterfly is right about the wine - the prices were very reasonable - we had 2 Albarinos for around 50 - 60E & it's a very white-driven menu, so you don't have to order one of white & one of red. I don't recall wines by the glass, but honestly would not have looked for them on the wine menu & for food, it all is a tasting menu - no other options. I don't believe they do a paired menu, as each course is so small & brief, but could be wrong... Do a search for Ell Bulli & you'll get lots of good advice on where to stay/how to get there, but if we go into it here, it may be deleted.

      Congrats in getting those reservations and enjoy - it will be a meal you'll never forget!!

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        torta basilica

        Don't forget to take a camera - and impress the folks at home with your shots of Ferrian Adria working in that amazing kitchen / labratory! We also took dessert on the outside patio, which was fun & you wouldn't be as embarrassed taking food photos there!

      2. Discussion about dining at El Bulli is welcomed here, but lodging is not on topic for Chowhound, so please no lodging discussion here.


        1. Mine is in September! More suggestions please!

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            Get there early if you can (remember, it's quite a drive up the mountain - driver highly recommended, so you can relax & enjoy a bottle of wine or two...). Enjoy your special drink & 'olives' on their patio without being rushed to the table - beautiful view & definitely visit the kitchen before you sit down! Be sure & try the Spanish white wines, many of which are quite reasonable (as opposed to many of the French reds, which really don't go with this cuisine anyway), the sommelier will be happy to guide you. Also, don't be afraid to take breaks. We got up & walked around twice during the meal - they didn't seem to mind at all - just give them a heads up when they serve the prior course.

          2. There is a little hotel/restaurant in the seaside town of Llfranc in Parafrugel called Hotel Llevant - the street level restaurant is outstanding, and the chef is among the "young lions" of the new Catalan cuisine. The restaurant spills out of the building onto the boardwalk, which is right up on the beach. Family operated, the rooms are simple, clean and comfortable. The food can be glorious - and it is a simple drive to El Bulli

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              Hi, I did a quick look on a map and it looks like Hotel Llevant to El Bulli is a more than 2 hour drive. Did you mean to say, simple, but LONG drive to El Bulli? Or did I look at the map wrong?