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Jun 4, 2006 11:52 PM

hong kong and china

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hello all,
i am traveling though china for a month and would love to hear any suggestions for dinning. starting in hong kong,yang shuo, hangshuo, beijing, xain and shanghai.

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  1. Hong Kong is chockablock full of terrific restaurants. When you want a modest change of pace, visit the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant. Take the noon ferry from Central to Lamma Island or, better yet, give them a call and they'll pick you up at Central on their own boat (no charge). Lamma Island is a funky place - great for hiking and sightseeing. Visit Deli Lamma and the Pigeon Restaurant if you have the time. Walk the trails and enjoy your stay.

    Another change of pace destination is La Terrasse off Old Bailey in Central. Take the Mid Levels Escalator to Elgin St., left on Elgin to the intersection of Caine Rd. and Old Bailey. A few steps downhill on Old Bailey and you're there. Yannick is a French expat with an interesting story or two to tell. he also has very good food and wine.

    1. I don't recognize hangshuo. Did you mean Hangzhou? If so, I have some recommendations, as I do for Shanghai. Please let me know.