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Jun 3, 2006 05:34 PM

Beaune: Le P'tit Paradis; a short review

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While there a many great, big time restaurants in Burgundy, we were fortunate last week to find this little gem in Beaune. Le P'tit Paradis is more a bistro; it is lovely and very small; 9 tables well managed by chef Jean-Marie Daloz in the kitchen and his amazing wife doing everything out front. She welcomes, seats, buses, assists with the menu, helps with wine selection, never forgets to check on you and does it all with a sweet but energetic style. The place is so small they even have to keep their wine storage elsewhere so that whenever someone orders a full bottle, she leaves the restaurant, races down the street and returns moments later with wine in hand.

The food was fabulous - every morsel. My husband announced his foie gras as the best he'd had anywhere and my grilled langoustine was awsome, as was both mains of duck and veal breast. Wine list was very nice and while the place is tiny it never felt too tight. The patons that night were a mix of some French locals, tourists and a table of what seemed to us to be a French wine merchant and his US guests (they tried lots of wine). Reservations required - she had to turn several groups away throughout the evening. Our tab for 2 Kirs, 2 half bottles of very nice wine, entrees, mains, deserts and one after dinner sip was 130 euro. 25 rue Paradise, phone -3-80-24-91-00.

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  1. Thanks for a lovely review of a special place that we also enjoyed on a recent trip to Beaune. We'd had a recommendation from a local or we'd probably never have found the place. These kinds of places (mom and pop places is too stodgy a term for the youthful energy that this couple exudes) run by a couple committed to their craft and their guests are some of the best you can ever find. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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