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Jun 1, 2006 07:24 PM

5 days in Edinburgh over New Years

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Any suggestions for pub food, good cheap eats, snacks, mid-range lunches and dinners, and one splurge dinner? A few cozy places would be great. And recommendations for New Years (I think we are doing the Ceildih (sp?)) but open to suggestions.

Also, any particluarly chowish neighborhoods that would be good for an apartment rental?


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  1. Valvona & Crolla (on the Leith Road) is probably the best Italian deli in the UK. They serve lunch (and now dinner, I believe) there.

    Every Saturday, the Herald publishes a list of the top 25 restaurants in Scotland, as rated by Ron Mackenna, their restaurant critic. The restaurants in Edinburgh currently on the list are:

    4) Martin Wishart
    16) Cosmo
    19) Petit Paris
    21) Oloroso
    22) VinCaffe

    If you do a search for Edinburgh on the homepage, you may be able to pull up priors posts made over the past 6-24 months.

    1. Has anyone been to the Witchery lately? Any other updates?