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May 31, 2006 07:25 AM

Ramli's Indian Muslim Food, Marine Parade, Singapore

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Truly delicious bryani, awesome savoury rice and deep flavourful curries (I had the chicken and tasted some of the mutton). The achar reminded me of how much I love the cool, sweet and sour chunks of cucumber and pineapple, perfect against the curry and rice.

Rarely seen in Singapore are handmade chappati, cooked to order on a griddle. Get it with the minced mutton curry -- a deeper shade of spicing than the one from the bryani, meaty and earthy. Also outstanding.

This place is located in a coffeeshop named MP59 (think of coffeeshops as mini hawker centres, typically with 6 or so stalls) at Block 59 Marine Terrace in Marine Parade. Didn't have a chance to try the murtabak, but I'd bet that it's great.

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  1. limster,

    that sounds wonderful. the achar is new to me - i've never seen a pineapple/cucumber combo before.

    are those real chappatis? (ie not paratha, rotis, or those puffy-with-air gujarthi things?) if they are, wow you're in luck. i've NEVER seen decent chappatis outsdide homes. the minced mutton curry - kheema - with chappatis is classic.

    which muslims are they, btw? hyderabadi? lucknowi? worth knowing ...

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      I've always wondered if the achar's a local variant, since I've never seen it outside of Singapore. There's quite a bit of stuff made only by Singaporean Indians that were seemingly invented in Singapore, e.g. fish head curry.

      Don't know where those folks are from, but the bryani isn't layered in a big bowl or dish; we get ours on a plate (the curries in separate dishes), it's all saffron coloured, which is pretty universal in Singapore.

      The chappatis look like the real deal -- definitely not paratha or puri. They're flat, a few mm thick, no layers, kind of a light brown speckled appearance from some blend of flour, cooked on a domey griddle.