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May 30, 2006 10:32 PM

first time to normandy (with 10 and 12 yr old)

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hi all,
i'm taking my two kids to europe this summer for a mini-grand tour. all of the other places we're going i know where i want to take them for dining experiences, but both want to go to normandy. i've never been there, but will probably stay somewhere around bayeux/caen. i am asking all chowhounds with any experience in the area to give me some ideas on good eats. i was a chef for twenty years in switzerland and some very famous high-end places in america. i'm out of the biz now, but really appreciate quality food and don't need all the bells and whistles of haute cuisine. give me the guy/girl down the street making artisan quality stuff in a cozy atomsphere. any and all suggestions are very much appreciated! regards, ken

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  1. We took our son to Normandy (driving) when he was younger and it was one of the most fun trips. The cemeteries are meaningful, the scenery is terrific. We often stopped and bought stuff at a charcuterie than ate at the side of the road. The highlight restaurant was Les Vapeurs, which faces the water and is either in Honfleur or maybe Trouville, but I think Honfleur. The fish was excellent and Sunday lunch there could not be better. I never thought I'd swoon over sole, but years later, we still talk about it. Otherwise, you'll find plenty of places that are fine. Fruit and cheese there will make you smile. Rouen was terrific.

    1. On this International board, do Control+f then type in Honfleur in the "find" box. I did several posts in March for someone going to the same area and you will find them there to read. I think the 2 seafood restaurants in Honfleur will please you because of the quality and preparation at both.

      Also take your kids to le Mont-Saint-Michel and tour the abbey. I don't recommend eating the famous omelettes there because they are grossly over-priced. But note my postings mentioned above on finding REAL pré-salé lamb in the area of Mont-Saint-Michel. Even if your kids don't eat lamb, you will love it yourself.