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May 30, 2006 09:00 AM

Bermuda reviews

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Just returned from a weekend in Bermuda. The highlight of the food was L'Oriental in Hamilton. Not only was it beautiful but the food was quite good, beautiful presentation too. It is up a full flight of stairs. The staff was very nice too.

Didn't enjoy Pickled Onion or Frog and Onion. I thought both were fair, at best.

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    1. re: Ann P.

      We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton (used to be the Princess) so we ate the breakfast buffet there. It was ok but for $25 per person per day it should have been better. We had dinner at the Oriental buffet at the Elbow Beach. We had reservations at the Lido there but after we arrived we were told it was inappropriate for my 10 year old. It was a Saturday night and everything was fully booked except the Oriental buffet at the pool. It was ok, nothing special. Some fresh sushi. They made soup as you want it( you select the ingredients) they heated it and added a delicious broth. Main dishes were fair. Sweet and sour tofu, chicken something, beef something, veggies with garlic. Dessert was fruit, delicious vanilla ice cream (with fried bananas optional) chocolate moose. It was ok, but I probably would not go back. It was $45 per person.

      Bermuda is beautiful but you need lots of $$$$$$$$.