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May 29, 2006 09:09 PM

Ploughman's lunch - traditional? (London, York, Edinburgh)

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During my last trip to Britain I was shocked to be served shredded cheese not once but TWICE (in different cities mind you - Carlisle and another I don't remember) with ploughman's lunches.

Was this part of a trend? Or can one still get an interesting hunk of cheese (preferably local) with a ploughman's in some pubs these days?

Particularly interested in London, York, and Edinburgh - as that is my itinerary next month. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Shredded cheese in a ploughman's is shocking indeed! I have used the Good Pub Guide for over a decade, both living in and visiting Britain, and it has never steered me wrong in the matter of food in pubs. (I admit that I don't order a ploughman's very often though.) Have a great trip and please report back -- we do not get nearly enough reports on British trips.


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      Joan Kureczka

      I concur. It's my most dependable guide, especially out in the countryside.

      I believe that the Lamb and Flag Tavern in Covent Garden is supposed to have a good cheese selection at lunch. This is a favorite pub of ours, although we usually aren't there at that time of day.