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May 29, 2006 06:14 PM

Trattoria Omero Florence, Italy

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Hi Everybody!
I'm hoping someone can offer any input about Trattoria Omero in Florence.
I'll be going in two weeks, and was considering the restaurant as dinner for my last night.
Can't find much online regarding menu, cost, other than it's not cheap, but that's okay.
If you've been and can offer any info. I'd be very appreciative.

Feel free to email directly if you prefer.

All the best to you all.


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    Emily Miller

    John, I am the author of The Food Lover's Guide to Florence (Ten Speed, 2003), and I can tell you with certainty that Omero is a truly wonderful restaurant - one of the best in the city. I would recommend going for lunch, if possible, because of the amazing view. I am planning to go there myself in the next few weeks.

    - Emily

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      Thank you for your recommendation.
      Lunch sounds perfect!!

      All the best to you!


      1. re: Emily Miller

        I purchased your book and it looks as though I'll have no trouble finding a great place in Florence.
        Thanks and all the best to you!


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          I just wanted to say that I used your book in 2003. It never left my side! I have lent it to friends that don't want to return it:) It will accompany me again in Sept on my next trip to Florence. Any new favorites to recommend?


          1. re: JMB

            I know that you're asking Emily but here's one that I posted that I recommend after my April/May trip:

            "Il Guscio, Via dell'Orto, 49, a place written up and recommended by "erica" on CH and, given its location, pretty much a locals' place. A moderately priced, Park Slope/West Village (I'm a NYC/Brooklyn 'hound) type of place, the food was excellent. We split a mixed appetizer plate of cauliflower mousse, bean spread w/orange, sopressata cubes & ribolla cheese in filo dough. Ginny then had the maltagliati (hand-made, hand-torn pasta) w/shrimp and zucchini flowers; I had the spaghetti w/ "fish ragu". For mains, I had veal brain w/roasted potatoes and veggie tempura; Ginny had "padella", seafood in liquid (mussels, clams, languestinos, shrimp). All excellent. With a Chianti Reserva '01, some water con gas, a grappa & a limoncello, it all came to 100euros (including a 10 euro tip). This is a major recommendation from us".

            Let us know if you go.

        2. John, Did you try Omero???

          1. Dont know if he did, but I went in April & wrote the following on some thread or other (cant figure out how to find things around here yet since the change of software):

            "Omero, a place south of our hotel in the middle of a close suburb of Florence, may be worth a visit. Beautiful sunset views west (of course) and north to Florence. Written up in the Access guide, so some tourists were there, but not many, since you really need a car to get there if you're not staying at a place nearby. The food is a little overpriced but the views and setting make it worth it. It's a "traditional" Tuscan menu, and a lot of the roasting of freshly slaughtered animals is done on site. Not a must but, if one has the time, recommended".

            Just to continue on this a little (since 2+ months have given me perspective on the places visited when we were there), I'd definitely say that I'd go back to Omero again. It seems to me to be one of those places that gets better with repeat visits, as you get to know the menu and they get to know you. Not that they werent friendly enough anyway or that what we ordered wasnt quite good... just that it's more of a very nice "neighborhood place" where one visit doesnt do it justice.

            At any rate, I also hope John (or Emily) posts on it.

            1. We went to Omero a few weeks ago with our kids, and it was one of our favorite meals. Not only was the food superb, but the setting outside of florence in the back of a neighborhood grocery store with big windows overlooking the hills at sunset only added to our enjoyment.

              The chicken under a brick is a must-order, as is the sliced steak over arugula. My wife still talks about her spinach, ricotta, truffle ravioli in a butter sage sauce as one of the best pasta dishes she's ever tasted.

              One warning--arrange for a car or taxi to pick you up after dinner, or give the restaurant at least half an hour to get one for you--5 or 6 tables cleared at the same time at the end of dinner, all eye-balling each other outside to snag the two taxis that happened to wander down this quiet street...

              Enjoy a fantastic meal here.