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May 29, 2006 01:05 PM

La Rosa Nautica - Lima, Peru

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Our group had a very nice lunch at this high end restaurant right on the piers in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima. There is a Victorian ambiance to LRN - a very pleasant place to lunch. Prices are on the high side but they deliver a good experience. Freshly baked rolls, good service and a deft touch with seafood are evident. The octupus we had as part of the ceviche assortment was melt-in -your mouth tender. The squid and other seafood in my black rice (squid ink) dish was also expertly cooked. Besides being black - the rice was also cooked in seafood stock or with some of the seafood juices because it was very savory.



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  1. Did they serve ceviche only for lunch, or did they appear to offer it for dinner as well?

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      Yes.... the menu does not differ much (if at all) between Lunch & Dinner. However, the Ceviche & tradition seafood stews were tucked into their own submenu of traditional cuisine. I don't remember what else was on the menu... but I remember it being uninspiring.

      I found the service to be quick but a little akward. I kept getting the sense that they thought we weren't spending enough money.... didn't know why they would care since they charge a flat cover to cover service.... additional tips should only be marginal.

      The ceviche was certainly good... the fish extremly fresh, juicy & fleshy... but we could not figure out the whole boiled corn & yams... they seem contradictory & unnecessary; but what do I know.

      It was certainly nice being out over the water... it reminded me of the restaurants along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu like Moonshadows etc., but I could care less for the victorian architecture (In Peru? I just don't get it... its not like the place served New England cuisine).

      If I had to choose... Huaca Puclana was much better... ambience (you are in a freaking ancient ruin!) & culinary offering.

    2. Hey Gordon,

      I actually tried going there on my birthday and a tour bus loaded the joint leaving me with an hour wait while I was trying to grub in transit with just a few hours. It reminded me of Tavern on the Green and I was happily running out of the joint. It looked like the food would be awful, but I trust your buds so if you say it was good, then I'm sure was.
      Ended up eating amazing ceviche (against the night) and was happy as a full-bellied girl should be.

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      1. re: runlilrun

        I totally understand your feelings about the scene at LRN - it's not the kind of place I would have sought out for myself but we ended up there anyways. I didn't hold the Victorian ambiance against the place just enjoyed the meal we had and the company of my fellow trekkers. I'm sure there are other good places around .....