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May 28, 2006 06:34 AM

London: Nice Restaurant

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I'm in London for several weeks on business. My husband will be coming over for a visit in June, and I'm looking for some solid 'hound advice on the following:

1. Upscale, Modern Indian - which would you choose?
2. Upscale, non-ethnic/modern European/British - favorites?
3. Brick Lane - any sure bets?
4. Gastropub - what's the current board favorite?
5. Whisky shop?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Subject should just be London Advice, rather than Nice Restaurant. The post evolved as I typed!

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      London is a rather large city. It might be helpful if you told us in what part(s) of the city you will be visiting & staying.

      1. re: DavidT

        I'm staying in the City, but I'll hop on the tube and go just about wherever. I would like to keep within 2 zones, though.

    2. for gastropub, I really enjoyed the Princess, 76 Paul Street.

      1. 1. The best upscale modern Indian restaurant, it might still be Rasoi Veneet Bhatia. There is also Amaya and the Cinnamon Club which never disappoint.
        2. My British favourite remains St John, it is an experience that you will only find in London, a place with great personality.
        5.I haven't had a meal worth going back to in Brick lane since a few years ago. Cafe Spice Namaste is not far from brick lane and far superior to any of the places in Brick lane. There are some very authentic Indian/Bangali places in Whitechapel worth a visit but I don't have any names to offer.
        4.Anchor & Hope near Waterloo is fantastic. It doesn't look like a traditional pub and the food is the best pub food I've had. No reservations though and it gets very busy.
        5.Milroy's in Soho has a great selection and they do tastings. Unfortunately, they closed the whisky bar in the basement but they still carry a great selection of whiskies.

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          Thank you! I've been to Anchor & Hope, and you're right, the food was great. I'll have to try some of the others.