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May 26, 2006 06:28 PM

3 star in August in Paris

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For one haute cuisine big splurge, where would you dine?
I read good things about Le Cinq, Pierre Gagniere, Ambassadeurs,Le Pre Catelon and others that are open in August

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  1. Le Pre Catelan is the only one on your list I can speak about. I think it's also the only one where you can sit outside in the park setting. Fantastic!
    Also in the Bois de Boulogne although not quite in the same class another great outdoor experience is La Grande Cascade.

    1. I couldn't agree more about Pre Catelan. Just got back from Paris and ate there last week. It was too cool to eat outdoors but it doesn't get more elegant without being snooty than this. And the food was wonderful.

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        Thomas Broussard

        You can dine at most of the top restaurants at lunch on their special menus for 70 to 80 euros. Call ahead and find out if the menu has dishes that you will want. Lunch is also easy to book on short notice. Les Ambassadeurs at the Crillon is pretty good, beautiful setting, but service for Americans can be chancy. My best experience of late has been the dining room at Le Meurice Hotel. Most critics thought he would get his 3rd Michelin star this year. He had 12 visits from Michelin last year! However, he still has only 2 stars. The 75 euro lunch is excellent and the staff is well trained and it is also a beautiful room. Avoid Table de Joel Robuchon which is dreadful and Helene Darroze which was also bad this week (apparently the word was out as there were only 5 other guests for lunch).