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May 26, 2006 11:57 AM

barcelona on a sunday

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I've trawled through the threads and have a long list of where to eat in Barcelona, but almost everything that sounds great seems to be closed on Sunday, which is when we arrive. Any suggestions for a fun and good first meal on Sunday night?

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    torta basilica

    You might check the restaurants in the better hotels - the Majestic, Claris (like the restaurant, not the hotel anymore), RC Arts - odds of a hotel restaurant being open are probably better & all of these have excellent food & service, with the Claris definitely being the most casual of the 3.

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      Have you tried Hisop? We just had dinner there on a Saturday night a week ago. It was fabulous.

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        torta basilica

        Bo - next trip! I've heard of it - where is it?

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          I´d recommend Lombardo restaurant on Rambla Catalunya. It has a lovely terrace and delicious food. We had our best paella and fish there.

          Taller de Tapas on calle Argenteria is great and well priced. We went twice although really you´d need alot of visits to try all the dishes. We´d loved the layout and atmosphere of this place.

    2. We ate at Cervaceria Catalana on a Sunday last July--we ate there a couple of times during our visit, once at the tapas bar and once in the dining room. It was always busy and had great tapas--squid,octopus, padron peppers and many others. Good food and a great scene. The bar is more fun, especially for seeing what they have and pointing it out without needing perfect spanish.

      1. In 2003 I had a great meal on a Sunday at Talaia Mar. The highlight was a foie gras soup with sweet corn ice-cream.

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          Sorry to tell that Talaia Mar has closed about two years ago. But nothing to worry. Many choices remain open for Sunday noon, and one won't stay hungry Sunday evening, either.

        2. Thanks, everyone -- Cervaceria or the restaurant at the Claris, it is (Hisop is closed on Sunday, I think). I'll let you know how it was.

          1. This thread could use an update. I'm looking for an excellent dinner on a Sunday night in Barcelona, something that will make my last night in Barcelona memorable. Suggestions?

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                BTW, I'm not sure if you're aware, but sunday night in Barcelona is pretty quiet because most people have their big family meal at lunch and tend to take it easy at dinner time. The traditional meal would consist of rice and/ or seafood. The seafront restaurants are usually very busy on sundays. I'm just pointing this out as an option if you ever feel like going local.

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                  I would definitely like to know more about where to 'go local' on a sunday night. It will be my last night in Barcelona and dining by the sea would make a great finish to the trip. Bonus points for a place that has a view of the sea! thx