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May 26, 2006 10:04 AM

Budget Lunch in Paris on a Monday

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By brother, my best friend and I are going for a seriously budget cooking holiday in Northern France. On our first Monday we are off for the day to Paris to do unashamedly touristy things but we wanted a really good budget lunch restaurant.

I don't know Paris well, so I welcome suggestions that people can justify with a) descriptions of what they ate and b) what were the really magical qualities of their resturant.

If you want to know about my tastes, my current culinary inspiration is Elizabeth David.

Let the suggestions begin!

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    fai jay(fai jackson)

    Everyone has a different interpretation of Budget. It is all relative. If you give us an idea of your price range I am sure you will get some suggestions. You can scroll through and read some Paris Posts--they are in all price ranges. Bon Chance.