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May 25, 2006 11:05 PM

Beijing - Haidan district request

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I'll soon be in the Haidan district in Beijing where most of the universites are. Does anyone have advice on local street vendor breakfast foods? Plus I'm arriving in the evening so I'll probably be looking for a dinner in the area and won't want to schelp it down to the city center. TIA

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  1. I used to live in that area -- you've probably figured it out already, but there are tons of great restaurants to choose from. One of my favorites was the large Chinese restaurant at Dong Sheng Yuan facing the Wudaokou light rail. You get a ton of food for your yuan. There's a jianbing vendor who sometimes sets his cart out at the edge of the Dong Sheng Yuan apartment the direction of the IntelliFitness gym. That parking lot adjacent to Dong Sheng Yuan also has a covered farmer's market with fresh fruits and veggies (prices negotiable). There is an "Old Man" restaurant to the left of McDonald's, which serves a Chinese breakfast of dumplings, soy milk, fried dough, rice porridge, etc.

    1. Hi kitty san... just want to know your opinion about Dong Sheng Yuan Apt Complex. Is it Great?