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May 25, 2006 07:50 PM

Seasons of My Heart Cooking School - Oaxaca

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I've been looking into taking 5 day (versus one day) cooking course from Susana Trilling at her school in Oaxaca. There have been a few posts about day-long courses, but I'm curious about the extended courses, since dollar-for-dollar, they seem to be a bit more expensive, especially when two people are going together (and sharing a room). Are they worth it? Would 6 days be "too much"? How are the accomodations? Are the classes geared for total novices or people who are fairly experienced? Thanks for any input.

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  1. Hola, I have known Susanna for about 6 years and find her one of the most delightful people I have ever met. Have never taken her lessons at her home in Etla, but took a class in Austin, TX a few years ago. She is so fabulous, I would sugguest taking as many days as possible.

    For the record, Eilanna, the chef at El Naranjo Restaurant and Nora, the owner of Casa de Mis Recuerdos B & B, both in Oaxaca, offer great cooking classes also. Both Eilanna and Susanna start at the market to purchase the food, (a treat in itself) and then return to the kitchen to cook.

    Another suggustion is to take the one-day classes from all three to get a broad perspective of Oaxacan cooking. You will enjoy it, for sure. Take care, David


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      We took the one day class at Susana Trilling ́s rancho in Etla, which we enjoyed a great deal. She spends the morning taking you to the market, and then the class (with the watchful assistance of her staff) cooks a full meal and eats it. We learned some things about Mexican cooking, had a huge and tasty meal as a result of our collective efforts, and also had a great market experience. The market at Etla has some excellent food and even if you don ́t take the class, going out to Etla to the market on Wednesday is excellent.

      In terms of the longer class I would think it would be pretty interesting, as it sounds like you travel around Oaxaca a lot, go to people ́s houses, see a lot of the countryside and experience more of the culinary culture. That was out of our price range but if it ́s not out of yours I would think it would be a good experience.