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May 24, 2006 06:29 PM

Must eats in Paris, suggestions please?

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Will be in Paris for 8 days, would love suggestions of must eats, all price ranges all foods welcomed. Thank you!

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    Steve Hychka

    We did enjoy the Italian place on Rue d'Mabillon in the 6th, which was open Sunday night. We had pasta dishes the head waiter (no no commonality of French/English/or Italian... just gesters and grunts)picked for us and a green salad with provolone and a boottle of Chianti. The pizza looked REALLY good.

    The Le Canton, which is tucked away in that little street just parallel to St. Germaine in the 6th west of Mabillon Metro, is a very good restaurant. We had soups, shrimps in curry, scallops with ginger and a Sancerre. My favorite Chinese place in all the world!

    Our very favorite place is south of Place d'Italie... l'Avant Gout... the food is fabulous and inexpensive. We did it all there for under 100Eu for two. Too much to list.

    And, the bistro at Breteuil is a place we go to on each trip to Paris ... service is brusque, but the seafood is good and inexpensive. We met an American couple there, who lives just down the avenue in a corner apartment with a dome and they eat at Bistro du Breteuil "at least twice a week!"...I have a new goal for our investments!

    We did not do the 200Eu carte blanc thing on this last trip and probably won't ever again. Too much!!! OTOH consider the source. We can be very happy with food and a good wine from the Monoprix or open air marches and eaten in our leased apartment while listening to 89.9 FM Toute d'Jazz!!!!