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May 23, 2006 02:21 PM

Help - best upscale restaurants in Bangkok?

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going with very very picky foodie future in-laws. Any advice VERY much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Just be sure to avoid Le Normandie at the Oriental Hotel, overpriced and terrible

    1. Ridiculously expensive by local standards, but incredibly cheap by International standards is the Spice Garden in the Four Seasons (formerly Regent). They have both a la carte and tasting menus and the food and service are both exceptional. With some wine, should cost about $50 US per person.
      They also have a french -style restaurant, but it's not worth it!

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        We stayed at at the Four Seasons this past January while in Bangkok, and loved the hotel so much that we are returning this winter..
        The Spice Garden is very nice.
        If you want great seafood try Sonboom (I may have the wrong spelling).
        It is several stories high, and when we entered, we almost left.
        How can anyone serve decent food in such a large restaurant?
        We stayed, and the food is amazing, and inexpensive.
        We had a fantastic abalone dish, the abalone was almost creamy, which I am salivating over as I write this.
        Prawns that were perfectly grilled, so large that four of them completely covered an oval serving plate.
        Jumbo oysters, and a fish steamed at our table.
        My only criticism, is that the portions are so generous, that it limited the number of dishes we ordered, and we didn't want to appear to be gluttons.
        We made reservations for our last evening as well, but had to cancel, as it isn't true that everyone can eat street food, and not become ill.

        1. re: erly

          The correct name is Spice Market--we had a new year's dinner there that was spectacular--all the foie gras and Phuket lobster you could eat. The Japanese restaurant in the Four Seasons is also very good. There are so many excellent high end restaurants in Bangkok--even the Food Court on the top floor of Central Chidlom Department Store will blow you away!

          1. re: WHS

            talking about food courts, the one in siam paragon has definitely become the new favorite. do try it sometime. sunday brunch at the sukhothai is also great and in my opinion, better than the spice market.

            1. re: ruby

              The BKK Post recently did a round up of all the high end Sunday brunches at the big hotels. The Sukhothai actually didn't rate that high. (Maybe they are cruising on their rep?)
              The Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit rated the highest at a price far below the Sukhothai.

              1. re: Ian

                Do you have a link to the BKK Post brunch review?


      2. If it doesn't have to be Thai (IMO upscale restaurants in Bangkok don't do Thai food any favors), then Cyan at the Metropolitan Hotel. Aussie chef, wonderful 'mod Oz' cuisine with top-notch ingredients, fantastic wine list.

        1. celadon for thai; biscotti for italian and le dalat indochine for vietnamese (be sure to order the fried crab, it's phenomenal)