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May 22, 2006 09:36 PM

Best Restaurant in Reims, France??

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Looking for the very best Restaurant in Reims, France. This is for a very special occasion, so price is not an object. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Not actually in Reims but in Epernay. Stayed at the Royal Champagne and they had a fantastic, very French, dinner.

    Another place I have heard of, but not tried, is Les Crayeres.

    From what I understand you can not go wrong with either place.

    1. Several months ago we ate at 2 star Lallement
      Young chef L received his second star in record time.
      The tasting menu was excellent, with the exception of the chocolate froth with button mushrooms, beware!
      Unfortunately our server's English was almost non existent, and I wasn't forewarned.
      The setting is a beautiful Chateau in the centre Of Reims.
      The desserts are what I remember most.
      You are taken back to childhood with every possible pre-school treat.
      Spun sugar confections and candyfloss.
      Homemade gumdrops, cakes and cookies that are kids favourites.
      It was marvelous fun, and you are sent home with a sweet bread.
      Very enjoyable evening.

      1. Chateau Les Crayeres is unforgettable.