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May 22, 2006 05:48 PM


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I was tipped to a few places and was curious if anyone felt strongly one way or another. I'll be there in mid-June.

Dotty Cafe (inside Keppel Marina) for seafood.

Gayatri (in Serangoon) for Indian.

No Signboard Seafood (Little India?).

East Coast Seafood Centre.

All thoughts, comment, criticisms are welcome.

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  1. East Coast seafood Centre is good, but depending on which area you'll be staying in, it may not be worth the drive.

    For vegetarian indian, I like Anandabhavan and Komala Villas on Serangoon Road. For non-veg, Banana Leaf Apollo is good and known for their Fish Head curry. There is another place off of Serangoon Road that has amazing Hyderabadi biriyani but I can't think of the name right now. My husband is currently en route back from Singapore (arriving in 3 hours) so I will ask him when he returns and see if he can remember the name.

    I think eating in at least 1 food court is a must when I'm in Singapore because the food is different than what you get in the hawker stalls. I like the Food Court at the Bugis Junction MRT station, and also the Takishimaya shopping center food court on Orchard Road.

    1. I like Sin Huat seafood in Gelang. Get their crab bee hoon.

      Also, in the arab quarter, tepak sireh has a very good malay buffet that always has several dishes as good as you will find in Malaysia, including an excellent beef rendang.

      Also good is the nasi lemak at a stall at the end of one of the rows in Changi village food centre. Just go to the one with the long line.

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        Is Sin Huat the place that Anthony bourdain went to on A Cook's Tour? He went to a place and had crab been hoon cooked by the owner, Danny. If so, I'm dying to try it! I love crab and I think bee hoon is ok (I prefer chow fun), but the combination sounds so good!

        1. re: boogiebaby

          I don't know, but even if it isn't, I can't imagine his was better than the bee hoon at sin huat. It is pricey though. expect to pay around S$50-60 for your giant crab, enough to feed two chowhounds, perhaps 4 normal people. The rest of the seafood is also excellent.

          1. re: tigerjohn

            thanks you two for all the great suggestions. I'll report back in July.