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May 22, 2006 12:16 PM

Piemonte restaurant help!

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I'm heading to Piemonte in July with 2 other couples and having a tough time pairing down our restaurant list. If there is anyone out there who is familiar with this region, here is our list. We want some upscale places, but also some low key less expensive choices as well. Which of our choices are a must go and are there any that you would add to our list. We need to cut our list down to about 10 restaurants. Thanks in advance for your help!!

Osteria Veglio, Annunziate
Osteria Dell’ Arco, Alba
Trattoria della Posta, Monforte d’ Alba
Cascinale Nuoveo, Isola d’ Asti
Antine, Barbaresco
La Ciau del Toranvento, Treiso
Il Centro, Priocca
Antica Corona, Cervere
Osteria Boccondivino, Bra
Belvedere, La Morra
Conti Roero, Monticello d’ Alba
Osteria del Vignaiolo, La Morra
Trattoria Antica Torre, Barberesco
Osteria della Chiocciola, Cuneo
Villa Tiboldi, Canale

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  1. One I would not drop from the list is Trattoria Antica Torre in Barberesco. It's been a few years since the last time I ate there, but if nothing drastic happened (and nothing usually does in places like that) it's not to be missed.

    The followinig link may also help:

    1. A year has come and gone, and I'd love a report on your choices. We are going to Piemonte in October, and since it's truffle season, I am making restaurant reservations now. Thanks in advance!