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May 22, 2006 11:46 AM

Paris - Marais

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I'm going to be staying in the 11er for a couple of days next week and wanted to know if there are any notable restaurants or bars in the area? I'd like to keep my budget around 80-100 euros for dinner (for 2), including wine.

Also, is it permissible to drink wine in public? Like on a picnic, for instance?

Any help would be appreciated!


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    fai jay (fai jackson)

    Lots of great places in the Marais and Bastille. Don't miss the best falafel in the world at L'Au a Fallafel on rue, des Rosiers. A very good meal can be had at Les Jumeaux (prix fixe) on rue, L'Amelot. Be sure to take your bottle of wine and picnic to the beautiful Place des Voges. If the government banned wine drinking in public, there would be a sixth Republic. Enjoy yourself.