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May 21, 2006 09:06 PM

Hong Kong Help Please!!

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I have a friend going to Hong Kong and I can't remember the names of two of the best restaurants I went to there. Here are the things I remember: they are related (similar ownership) one had some dongbei influence (I remember them having bottles of Hapi (Harbin Pijiu, for about US$5 which is such a joke because I used to drink it by the case for Y2 for a big bottle). Also, they were in a kind of hip/design district on HK island, and they were decorated in dark woods, Shanghai-Tang-ish without being a chain, if you can picture that. The food, beside just being outstanding, was definitely chinese, but just had the tiniest hint of fusion in it - mostly fusion within provinces in China, but something waiguo about it as well. Please let me know the names and addresses if you can!!

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  1. Are you thinking about Yi Jiang Nan in the Soho district? Try to look at and it has the details on the restaurant.

    1. Maybe you're thinking of Shui Hu Ju? There used to be two - one on Graham Street, the other on Peel. The one on Graham Street closed down.

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        That sounds right.... thanks