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May 21, 2006 07:05 AM

Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

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Looking for Must do's in all three places.

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    1. In Fira on Santorini try Seleni(or Selene). It is more expensive than the usual tavern and usually requires reservations, but the food was truly memorable.

      In Oia on Santorini, the Sunset Taverna is on the sea shore, you can watch the fishermen drop off the days catch for the restaurant and catch a beautiful sunset. We had the grilled red snapper, it wasn't cheap (60E per kilo), but it was well worth the price.

      In Athens, try to find Psara's in the Plaka region. It is on one of the highest roads that sits on the slope of the Acropolis. We only managed to find it 2 out of 4 attempts. But it was worth it. Even our taxi got lost and finally abandoned us on a dead end street. The service is warm and inviting. The locals meet there for long Sunday afternoon meals. It is worth the search. It is off the beaten path of Plaka restaurants who vie for your business in the busy squares. It is at 16 Erehtheos and the corner of Erotokritou Street. phone: 01-3218733

      1. Beware of 'surcharges' for sitting on rooftop Platka restaurants. The views are wonderful, but be sure you know if there is one & how much before you sit down.

        1. We just got back from Greece, and every restaurant/tavern we ate at included a "cover charge"--anywhere from .5 to as much as 3 Euro per person I think. Even in the islands, no matter how small, we found these charges, except the one time we did a take-out. These charges didn't have anything to do with where you were seated. We quickly learned to suck it up and started to choose our taverns based on the per kilo price they charged for their local wine (same wine...different price as far as we could tell).

          But regardless, we ate in taverns etc. for 3 weeks and I only counted two mediocre meals (1 in Plaka and 1 in Fira). You pretty much can't go wrong if you stay with local items and what is fresh and steer clear of the touristo traps. (for the most part, you can rely on the Lonely Planet guide for recommendations).

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            Good to hear that Lonely Planet is reliable for Greece. We were in Turkey last fall and their restaurant recommendations were notoriously bad. The places that got recommended were either VERY expensive in relation to what was being served or really really wrong. I have become rather gun shy about LP recommendations. Heading to Greece next month so am looking for good eating experiences there.

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              This surcharge was more in the neighborhood of 30E!

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                You know, we went off season (May) and everything was pretty slow. What time of year were you there? The good news is Psara's doesn't have a roof top deck, but considering most of our daytime meals didn't exceed 25E, I would have been pretty pissed with a charge like you mention. Thanks for the alert.