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May 18, 2006 07:48 AM

Paris - In the 6th with a baby

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Does anyone have some suggestions for meals - lunch and supper - in or near the 6th? The catch is that we will be travelling with a one year old so we will need places that are somewhat baby friendly. We'll be staying in an apartment near the Odeon metro, so anything within walking distance would be a bonus. Any great foodie shops nearby so we can make our own meals would be welcomed also. Thanks!

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  1. You're in the best location for everything. There are places on rue Dauphine that will work for you, including a pizza place. There are cafes everywhere and charcuteries. We've taken our son to Paris almost every year since he was tiny and it's always been great. You can head up to Luxembourg Gardens with lunch and eat outdoors or sit at any number of places you'll find right near you. We took a Sassy Seat (our son is now 22) and hooked it up everywhere. I remember the waiters at La Coupole coming over to smile as he ate asparagus. You'll find everything you need within a few blocks - and the Odeon metro stop is the best so you'll be as conveniently located as you could be.

    1. We went in April this year and enjoyed the Bistro du Breteuil in the 7th. (Take a cab.)It and the Canton in 6th just West beyond Mabillon Metro and on a funny street that parallels St. Germaine for about a block(yes, there is good Chinese in Paris!! and they are open on Monday and be sure to have a soup) are the only restaurants we have gone to on every visit. But, we will add l'Avant Gout to that list (take a cab and it's worth it!!). There is a great, but tight, Italian place on rue d'Mabillon right across from the market in the 6th, which is open on Sunday evening and has great pizza and pastas. These are all about Eu35 places, except the Canton, which is under Eu30. You can not go wrong at any of these. BTW we stayed at 2 Petite Pont and 28 Mabillon when we were in the 6th.

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        Maurice Naughton

        La creperie des canettes (aka Pancake Square--honest to God) is at 10 rue des Canettes in the 6th. Very baby-friendly. There's a 10 Euro Formule, with a galette, a butter/sugar crepe, and a bowl of cider. Also a la carte, of course.