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May 17, 2006 08:42 PM


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We are spending two weeks in Verona. Looking for everthing from the best restaurants to cute little places for light bites. thanks

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  1. trattoria marchetti

    1. We have had several wonderful meals at 12 Apostoli, vicolo Corticelli San Marco. The charming restaurant serves Veronese dishes as they would have been made during the Renaissance. They are unique and delicious.

      1. Il Desco
        Vicolo San Sebastiano, 7, Verona, 37121 Italy
        Phone: +39 45 59 5358

        1. Thought I posted a response earlier but it disappeared. See my report from last fall (linked). Also it would be well worth your while to go to Modena for lunch (see my post "Chowfind in Modena"). Have a great time and please post a report when you get back!


          1. Trattoria La Fontinina, which is across the river towards the Roman theater (not the Roman arena!). It is a slightly upscale place for a nice dinner. I would make reservations by phone before going.