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May 17, 2006 06:07 PM

Need Ambergris Caye, Belize recommendations

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Hello everybody

I am planning my honeymoon in Belize. We are spending a couple days in the jungle, then heading out to Xanadu on Ambergris. So far, the list of restaurants is not very long. If you have any suggestions(the more off the wall the better) please don't hesitate. I searched through the board and the latest info is from ~2yrs ago.
My list so far:
Must not miss - Capricorn on Ambergris; a restaurant that does mostly organic on Caye Caulker(which is specific enough for me!)
Good - Jambel in San Pedro, Caramba, D&E Custard Stand

Also, seems a lot of people like Lagniappe Provisioning for beer/juice/breakfast stuff to make in the kitchen.

If you have ANY advice, ideas, please pass them on. I'll do a report upon return(4th of July) to update the info here.

Thank you for anything...

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  1. We stayed at the Victoria a couple of years ago. The food was good, but the best part was sharing the other guests fishing bounty. There were guests who were there for serious fishing. We were there for great diving and snorkeling. The fisherpersons brought back their catch for the chef to prepare. Once they got the first serving the rest was shared with the other guests.

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      Thanks BlueOx. Unfortunately, the Victoria had no availability for our trip and we didn't have time flexibility. It looks like a fantastic hotel.
      Maybe we'll just have to hang out on the docks and cook in more than we were planning. We're there for diving and snorkeling as well.


    2. I just returned from sailing around the islands of Belize. I never stopped in Ambergris, but ate often in San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and Caye Chappel (great golfing!), and St. George. Your best bet is to wander around until something looks appealing - seriously. The best spot we found on Caye Caulker was this guy's front yard and his "restaurant" was called Wet Willie's. Willie was fabulous as was the food - much better than the sit-down restaurants we went to! Caye Chappel had the distinction of actually having a bit more formal, sit-down (i.e., dress-up) restaurant, but you have to be guests of the lodge to eat there. We were there for lobster season and the best fun we had was (like you are anticipating), cooking for ourselves and sharing the bounty.