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May 16, 2006 04:29 PM

chez jean-first star

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I am interested to hear from anyone who has recently eaten here. They just got one star. The owner Frederic and his lovely wife worked for many years for Taillevant. and M. Vrnat.

I see in the Michelin notation they have an outstanding wine list. Well they learned from the best.

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  1. Fai,
    you can check out my report on "Jean", formerly "Chez Jean" at the link below with some sub-standard photos:

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    1. re: Laidback

      Thanks for the link to the post. Actually, I had been there when it first opened and never got back so your post has encouraged me to return. Frederic was my very excellent waiter at Taillevant so I am a little surprised at the comical service.

      I will tell them to hold the rice crispys since I really dislike all cold cereals and especially the quickly soggy rice crispys.

    2. Wow I am out of date. I used to really like Chez Jean around 1997 or 98, and remember fondly big gutsy but wonderful plates there like steak with morels and beef cheeks.