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May 15, 2006 08:06 PM

Dining out in Kinsale,Ireland

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My husband and I are planning a short trip to the Emerald Isle in June to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Various people have referred to Kinsale as the 'gourmet capital' of Ireland, so we thought we would base ourselves there.
Any recommendations from those who agree with the above statement from personal experience would be gratefully received. We will be eating lunch and dinner out for the three days we are there, and I am especially interested in somewhere really special for the actual night of our anniversary.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. My wife is from Dublin, so we make a few trips a year to visit her family. We went to Kinsale for the first time, in March. Very cool town, with many restaurants that look very good.

    We were only there for one night, and went to a place called "The Bistro." It was a new place, and everything was excellent, and reasonably priced.

    Judging from what we heard, and the menus that we peaked at, it's pretty hard to go wrong there.

    If you're looking for a place to stay, I recommend the Trident Hotel. About a five minute walk from the center of town. It is right on the water. Nice place, very clean, nice bar downstairs. Also reasonably priced, and includes possibly the best breakfast I've ever had in Ireland.

    1. The Fishy-Fishy Cafe is excellent. My favorite meal of the trip - a warm prawn salad with chickpeas. My husband had a delicious seafood chowder - so fresh! It's only open for lunch. It is across from St. Multose Church - though I think that I read it was moving closer to the peir in late May.

      As far as a special dinner goes - I can only tell you where I wouldn't go - 2 years ago we went for our "special" dinner at The Vintage and it was not very good at all. The food was bland and the service was mediocre at best. It could have improved OR it could not be there anymore.

      A lot of people said we should have gone to The Little Skillet or Max's.

      1. I can recommend the Blue Haven. Excellent dining room with good enough service and atmosphere to qualify as a special venue (not on the waterfront though). The hotel is a cool place to stay too.