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May 15, 2006 05:45 PM

Jamaica - Montego Bay Suggestions?

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Any suggestions for hound-worthy food of any type in the Montego Bay area?

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  1. I have been to Mo Bay 4 times..there is nothing that stands out as OH MY GOSH..truly...we ate a few places on the hip strip. Marguerites next to Margaritaville was lovely but oh so pricey. There was a local place Spice I think?? It was ok..nothing amazing..honestly...

    1. You could try :

      -"Tappas" on Corniche Road (off the Hip Strip)

      -"The Houseboat Grill" in Freeport

      - "Scotchies" for jerk

      -"Ma Lou's" at Coral Cliff for Jamaican fare

      -"The Pelican" on Gloucester Ave.

      -The "White Witch Club House" in Rose Hall

      For a quick authentic Jamaican "lunch" try a Jamaican patty from Juicy Beef or Tastee Patties.