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May 15, 2006 01:42 PM

Tetsuya's - Sydney

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Does anyone know if they ONLY do the degustation set menu or can you order off the menu?

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  1. That's a good question. It's implied on their website, but? You might try e-mailing them; I found one e-address at the bottom of thier products page and that person might know or at least know who to ask.


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    1. re: JBC

      Thanks, I couldn't find an email anywhere and I was hoping to avoid another phone call to Oz.

      1. re: SpongeBobSquarePegs

        When we were there they ONLY did their 'special menu prepared just for you'. There wasn't even a printed menu. We tried to order different items but struck out - best we could do was feign allergies so as to at least get separate ingredients.
        Then when we checked other peoples reviews, we found that our specially prepared menu was almost identical to theirs - even 6 months later (or earlier).
        He's coasting and it shows. Food is competent, some dishes good but absolutely not worth the money.
        The emperors clothes are getting shabby.
        But the service was excellent.
        I probably won't talk you out of going there as it's so 'famous' but we had FAR better meals at B├ęcasse (in Surry Hills and quite formal) and Seans Panaroma [note spelling] in Bondi Beach (less formal).

        And Rockpool wasn't even trying. Passable food and arrogant service. Just awful.

        1. re: estufarian

          I have a lot of concerns about Tetsuya because my husband won't eat raw/rare, so I'm pretty sure we will cancel that reservation at this point. Thanks for your advise.

          1. re: SpongeBobSqaurePegs

            My wife and I had a wonderful experience at Tetsuya last month. FYI
            She doesn't eat rare/raw either. We were very explicitly asked if there were food allergies or dislikes we had, she discussed the rare/raw thing, and wonderful replacements were provided throughout. It was handled perfectly, the replacements were great,

          2. re: estufarian

            Thank God there is someone at last who shares my opinion about Rockpool. Apart from Neil Perry being an arrogant ponce, have always been underimpressed by the stuffiness of the restaurant, the pretention of the staff and the faffiness of the cuisine.
            Have not been to Tetsuya's since it moved from Rozelle, so therefore cannot comment.

        2. re: JBC

          I went there for the first time on Friday. Very disappointed. The raw/seafood stuff was the best and the meal went downhill from there. Not that it was bad but at $300 per head, I expect miracles, damnit! The meat stuff (deboned spatchcook, wagyu) was nice but not mindblowing and the dessert was just BAD. The pineapple sorbet was probably the nicest of the dessert but how hard is it to make pineapple sorbet??? The petit fours at the end were SHOCKINGLY bad, ie we were brought chocolate truffles and some other coconut ball thing. The choco truffles were so horrible I didn't even go for another one (which is rare for me!).

          The real shocker to me was the wine degustation we went for. They weren't bad but all the wines were ORDINARY at best. I'm not a wine expert by any stretch but I am a bit of a foodie and I have had lots of wine in my life to be able to distinguish between a good/interesting wine and an ordinary/boring wine. We called in the sommerlier after 2 glasses and informed him that we were underwhelmed by the wine and questioned if he was being constricted by the price range (not that we were given a choice/asked how much we wanted to spend on wine unlike at Vue De Monde). We told him that we weren't all that price sensitive and were happy to up the price to have better wines.

          Well, he then proceeded to serve us 2 wines with every dish??? HUH? And then proceeded to ask us which one we preferred almost like it was a test. Considered complaining again but we just gave up.

          Dinner and wine for 3 of us came up to abt $900. Not impressed. IMO, Vue De Monde was the superior restaurant (food, service and wine) by a LONG LONG stretch and hell, it was cheaper even with the superior wines we had! Even though Flower Drum is a way different restaurant, it was IMO also superior to Tetsuya.

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. I had a superb meal at Tetsuya's in May. I haven't been to Rockpool since 2002 (since it's not quite that easy just to pop down to Sydney for dinner from Los Angeles), but at the time, I thought the meal was excellent (particularly their olive oil, which was the richest I had ever tasted). Perhaps things have changed since then. I have to say, though, that my best overall experience on my last trip was probably in Melbourne at Flower Drum. Not only was the food delicious, but the servers seemed to know what I wanted almost before I did. And the deep fried ice cream still makes my mouth water to this day.

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            1. re: jonplaywright

              Hm, jon
              just to notify you some changes in Melbourne culinary scene.

              Flower Drum slipped and it is no longer Melbourne's flagship restaurant.
              It is sad to say this but nevertheless the good news is that we have our new flagship, Vue De Monde !
              It has been Australia's best for 2 consecutive years!

              What to be expected from this restaurant (from my friend's experience that is) is the following:

              The waiter will discuss how the evening would unfold. She will ask if there were any foods we don't eat, preferences (No and no) and then discussed our budget for the night.Everything is prepared in degustation style and the waiters prepare a degustation meal for you based on your budget and food preferences.
              Now, anyone tell me if any Sydney's top end restaurant will let you CRAFT/COMPOSE their meal like that....
              I will be eating there in 2-3 weeks so I will reserve my judgement till then

            2. My parents had a meal at Tetsuya's a while back and were mighty unimpressed. They found the meal lacking in originality and would not return.

              Just passing it on, FWIW.

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              1. re: sinbarambam

                I went to Tetsuya last year and thought it was amazing, if you like the whole nouvelle fusion Japanese thing. However, there are also quite a number of places in LA and NY now that do this type of cusine, so maybe the novelty has worn off a bit. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there.

                I also liked Rockpool a lot, but the last time I went there was in 2003.

                Iceberg at Bondi Beach is also very good, in fact, last time I was there for lunch, Neil Perry was also dining there!

                Also, when in Sydney, MUST go to Bills for their fantastic corn fritter and the ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter!!! This is the stuff that I dream about when I think of Sydney :)

                Oh, and I know you might not feel liek goign all the way to Oz for Chinese food, but the salt and chilli crabs at Golden Century in Chinatown are spectacular!

                1. re: vbabe

                  I think the thing with Tetsuya's is that his style of food has been so copied that going there is a bit of an anti-climax. I really enjoyed my meal, but probably more because it was my boyfriend's first high end meal and I enjoyed watching his reaction.

                  It was all amazing to him, but for me it was less exciting. The confit salmon is good, but you can easily make that at home!

              2. I visited Tetsuya on Saturday for lunch and feel I have a duty to fellow Chowhounders to add my view. I am sorry to say it was massively overpriced and a huge disappointment. It was conveyor belt style cooking which was unimaginative and not the fusion excitement I was expecting. The savoury custard with shitake mushroom was bland and unecessary. The only stand out was the sea trout sashimi with fennel. The signature dish. But for 600 AUS, I am afraid one dish out of 15 was not enough. Save the money and head to some of the smaller, less well know fair.

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                1. re: bluebloom2011

                  I completely agree. Ate there about 6 months ago and was disappointed how average it was. I'm not sure how it is still ranked so highly by the local press. Guess they just don't want to let the old days go. Plenty of other places to spend my money. Glad I went to check it off the list, but certainly won't be back (or recommend it to anyone).