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May 14, 2006 11:04 PM

Top Restaurants in Dublin

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Am heading to Dublin for a couple of days next month. Would like recommendations on the best restaurants that you would go to (not the ones that everyone else talks about but you dont care for, or that are inconsistent).

Any cuisine is of interest. Would prefer central Dublin or Ballsbridge.

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  1. mermaid cafe
    town bar and grill
    guilbaud fils new restuarant in sth ann st - opened last week haven't tried it yet

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    1. re: ham

      All--thanks for your postings and I will be sure to check many of them out. I am staying in Ballsbridge my first night and will be pretty tired after a transatlantic flight...any suggestions for Ballsbridge specifically, with the same criteria?

      1. re: ooroger
        Desperate Diner

        Rolys bistro.

        Great value lunch menu as well as a la carte for dinner. Excellent service, extensive wine list, and fantastic irish cuisene. Nice buzz in the dining room.

    2. best french haute cuisine patrick guilbaud
      great high quality food Lecrivan
      good high quality reasonable peploes
      rolys all time reliable great food ok price
      cafe en seine for trendy drink
      elephant & castle burgers salads ace
      mermaid cafe great
      eden great food in trendy quarter

      1. In my last couple business visits I've become quite partial to Locks. Great food that manages to balance "traditional" with "creative", good atmosphere, quality no-nonsense waitstaff, and off the beaten tourist path (but nevertheless quite accessible via a walk along the canal)

        1. Chapter One, in the Dublin Writers Museum.

          1. d
            Desperate Diner

            Chapter One is at the top of my list to.
            Other high end, great places include:
            L'Ecrivain (Baggot Street)
            Guillbaud's (Merrion Row)

            Others I Love
            Mermaid Cafe (Dame Street)
            L'Gueleteon (Fade Street)
            Talbot 101 (Talbot Street)
            Eden (Meeting House Square)

            Others I HEAR are great
            One Pico (off Dawson Street)
            Peploes (Stephens Green)
            The Unicorn (off Baggot Street)
            Bang Cafe (Baggot Street)
            Mint (Ranelagh- I think)

            try a website called for some menus.