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May 14, 2006 04:03 AM

London - lovely spot for a business lunch?

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I'm in London next week on business, and am looking for a great restaurant to take my boss to lunch.

We'll be near Shepherd's Bush but don't mind travelling for a good meal. Would like good service, quiet, something modern/sophisticated and mildly-expensive. For reference, in New York I like places like Craftbar.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. I haven't been there but have heard very good things from people about Marcus Wareing's place at the Savoy Grill. It's got a Michelin star. I'm sure you'll get some other good suggestions - hard to choose these days.

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      I'm from London, and it's true that you are spoilt for choice. I've heard good things about the Savoy Grill too, but for lunch you can't beat The Wolseley. Brunch is even better. The food is unpretentious and consistent, and the setting is suitably chic for a lunch with your boss. Take a cab there to avoid the madness that is Piccadilly and afterwards you can have a walk in Hyde Park.

    2. Spigot, if you are going to be out at Shepherd's Bush, try Julie's or Notting Hill Brasserie. Both really fine choices-excellent foodand atmosphere. Julie's has outdoor seating so if you get lucky with the weather, could be a marvelous spot for your lunch. Enjoy!

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        Former Londoner

        The Ledbury is about a mile from Shepard's Bush. Good food, dressy room, excellent wine list.