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May 13, 2006 09:15 PM

'Bo Innovation', Hong Kong

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Has any Fellow Chowhound given this "Modern Fusion Chinese" restaurant a try? Was the food as great as their 'top mark' review? Should one go for the HK$480, $680, or $880 tasting menu? The winelist with Wine Spectator/Robert Parker/Decanter ratings provided for every wine listed look spectacular for a Chinese restaurant!


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  1. I have - twice. Loved it the first time I went there when they were in their old location, which was smaller. Second time I went there was after they moved - we ate at the chef's table (in the kitchen). Didn't like it as much - still thought it was good but thought the chef was listening too much to what the customers were saying - they wanted the food to be "fancier". I told him he should do what he thinks is right because all customers will have different opinions.
    The wine list is very good.

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      Been to the old location once and the new location three times. Like it a lot and one of my favourite places in town. Definitely inventive cusine mixing cantonese ingredients with western ones. And it is not just for the sake of inventiveness but it also tastes good as well. Some hit or miss but that's normal for inventive cuisine. Probably a hit rate as good as any. If you want something less inventive, Opia will be a good place as well.

      1. re: HKTraveler

        the only thing good at opia is the oyster shooters and that's about it...service is horrible...definitely not worth going. been there three times and every visit is more disappointing than the previous.

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          Am surprised. Been to Opia several times and have been happy with both the food and the service. Maybe you don't like the style of service? The first time my wife and I were there, they were very friendly and chatted with us for a long time. In terms of the food, I would put it the same as Fourth Floor which I also like as well. For non-traditional western food, like Fourth Floor, Opia and Bo Innovation the best.

      2. Where about is 'Fourth Floor'? Do they have tasting menu a la Bo inovation? How's the wine list? Thanks in advance!

        1. Didn't recall seeing a tasting menu but will be there the next few days and will look for it.

          1. Fourth floor is in the Harvey Nichols store in Landmark

            Opia is in Jia hotel in Causeway Bay