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May 13, 2006 02:38 PM

Birthday in paris

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I am in school in Paris and am looking for a fun, really good restaurant at which to celebrate my birthday. There will be six people, and we're looking to spend a max of 80 per person (without wine). What are some suggestions?

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    fai jay (fai jackson)

    I think you would have fun and a teriffic meal at L'Os a Moelle or Le Cave across the street. There is a 6 course menu and a very nice wine list at the restaurant. Another place that is fun is L'Amabasssade de l'Avergne. Don't miss the wonderful aligote (mashed potatoes overloaded with cheese and butter. They have a lovly pris fixe and nice south western wine list. The atmosphere in both places is lively and casual, although I might give the food edge to L'Os as it is more likely to be seasonal and inventive, while the other is traditional south western fare (as Jerry S. would say "not that there is anything wrong with that". Let us hear from you about where you go and what kind of time you had. Bon Appetit and Happy Birthday.

    1. If you're looking for someplace that feels more youthful, you may want to consider a different type of place than these more traditional bistros. There are plenty of lively brasseries you could think about. Since you're younger, I'm not sure these places would be that much fun.

      1. I would recommend Ze Kitchen Gallerie or L'Atelier de Maitre Albert as two fun bistros with wonderful food. Both of these are in your price point. You might also consider a big, vibrant brasserie such as La Coupole. My pick would be Ze Kitchen.