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May 11, 2006 07:44 PM

Will I starve in Glasgow? Suggestions Please!

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I just found out that I am getting moved from the wonderful SF Bay Area to Glasgow, Scotland for a 3 month business thing from Sept. to Dec.
I am going to miss the food in the Bay sooo much -- are there any good restaurants around Glasgow? What about farmers markets? Since I'll be there for so long, restaurants of any price level or cuisine type would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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    Peter Cherches

    A fun pub, with good seafood, is Babbity Bowster. I stayed at the charming little hotel they run upstairs.

    Great mussels & oysters in Scotland. The mussels are tiny & sweet.


    1. I don't think Glasgow will make for any problems for you in the way of eating. UK food is going to be a nice surprise for you. It was for me who moved to London from NY. Olive Magazine (a top UK cookery mag) has a section this month on 20 Foodie Reasons to Visit Glasgow. It has a lot of good suggestions such as Rogano's Oyster Bar, East Meets West in Chinatown (so there is one), Cafe Royale for seafood, the Abode Hotel, La Fiorentina, Mansfield Park Farmers' Market (2nd and 4th Saturday of the month), Cafe Gandolfi, the Univeristy Cafe for comfort food, Le Chardon d'Or, Grassroots Cafe, and the North Star for a good breakfast.

      I'm ready to get in the car and go!!

      1. j
        Joan Kureczka

        Lucky you. I'm someone who arguably lives for Saturday mornings at the Ferry Plaza market and I love Glasgow. I definitely second both the Babbity Bowster (both for the pub and the 2nd floor restaurant Schottische) and Cafe Gandolfi.

        Also head over to Ashton Lane, near the university for the venerable Ubiquitous Chip (Scotland's answer to Chez Panisse), except that it also has a pub and bistro in addition to the restaurant. A number of other interesting restaurants in that area as well.

        1. Hi,

          There a loads of great restaurants in Glasgow!

          West End
          For the best curry head to The Wee Curry Shop on Ashton Lane or The Shish Mahal on Park Road.

          A great restaurant (my fave) and bar is Stravaigan on Gibson Street.

          Brel does continental beers and moules et frites.

          Number Sixteen is a fab little French Bistro and 2 Fat Ladies is good for fish.

          I second Cafe Royale for Seafood, North Star for Brunch and Ubiquitous Chip for their great value 3 course Sunday lunch with a glass of pink fizz (£17.95pp).

          Room at 1 Devonshire Gardens is a glam restaurant and bar and the food is quite good.

          Le Chandon D'Or is headed up with a chef trained by Gordon Ramsey but can be pricey.

          Cafe Gandolfi gets a big thumbs up from me too. Gamba is rated highly for seafood but is more £££ than my other seafood reccs.

          I suggest you buy a copy of the Times Out magazine when you arrive. It usually gives good, honest reviews of restaurants.

          As for Farmers Markets - there is one every second Saturday in Partick (West End).


          1. 1. By all means try haggis--delicious!
            2. I recall having a meal in some kind of Asian fusion restaurant--maybe something like Malaysian-Thai.

            3. I also recall a fabulous Salmon dinner I have.

            4. I also had a truly fabulous baby octopus salad that I bought at the buffet at the main train station!

            Since Glasgow is a major world city, you will have no problem finding interesting food experiences there. Be open to new experiences and ideas and you'll do as well as, or better than, in SanFran (which is not to denigrate SF at all!)