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May 11, 2006 09:18 AM

eating at the vatican

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I'm trying to pre-plan our visit to the Vatican Museum. 2 of our party of 4 have applied for seats at the days Papal Audience. So it looks like we will be viewing the museums seperately, from mid-morning to about 3. Is the cafeteria there a decent place to eat? The last thing I want is to squander a meal in Rome on cafeteria food, but my plan of packing in some early morning market snacks might not be good either.

The other plan is to just fast until we go to Marcellos for supper

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  1. About a ten minute walk north of the Vatican is Osteria dell'Angelo - a fantastic Roman restaurant (the menu is written in the Roman dialect). For dinner it's 25 euros for three courses and a ton of wine - I think it's much cheaper at lunch.

    Be careful - we were there on Saturday and it was the 500th Anniversary of the Swiss Guards - the whole Vatican was shut down...

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      ditto Osteria del angelo, Ive posted about it this year. Lots of fun fixed price characteristic roman, slowfood spot,

      a little bit closer to the museum is the pizzeria (with other dishes too) l'isola di pizza.

      Both of these places have intriguing bathrooms in different non-unpleasant ways and both are north of the Vatican Museum and out of the touristic district.

      We ate at the Vatican Museum cafeteria a number of years ago - it was passable no better.

      if you cant find one of my posts on these, I will look for them.

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        Jen, I seriously think I have printed out everything you have posted on Italy! Thanks for the first-hand vatican cafe info. I feared as much.

        I think we are going to fork over for the Context:Rome evening Sistine tour, then choose one of 3 or 4 places (all from youall) for a late long slow meal. Vladimiro Ristorante Marcello sounds good to me.

    2. The way I read your note, I assume you don't want to leave the Museum for lunch. If that's so, eat a good breakfast, then when you leave (assuming that is about 2:30-3 PM), you could get a great lunch nearby at the restaurant listed here. My recollection is that they do not open for lunch until 1 PM (but check first to see if they are open on the day you plan to be there).

      Girarrosto Dal Toscano at Via Germanica 56, near the Vatican Museum. Huge fireplace/grill for steaks, other meats, and slabs of meat on hooks. Try the Pasta Giulio Caesaro or pasta with boar sauce (cinghale) or rabbit/hare sauce (coniglie). Great grilled meats. Try for lunch when you are near the Vatican Museum.

      1. 3 - 7 p.m. or so is serious down-time in Rome. Not much open, not a lot going on. The Vatican is pretty intense so either leave early and get to Trimani Wine Bar around 1:30 or so or take the hit and have wine and snacks later at your hotel. Relax and have a good time. Rome isn't going anywhere.

        1. try the hosts at st. peters!!!