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May 11, 2006 05:51 AM

Stop over in Northern France

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This is a bit last minute, but does anyone know of a place to stay which does great food - either as table d'hotes or in the hotel restaurant. It needs to be in the area south or south west of Rouen, but no further south than Dreux (or level with Dreux).

We don't mind if it's small and rustic or if it's a chateau - but we prefer it to be relaxed and not one at the top end of the price range.

We're going next week, so any ideas asap would be very welcome!

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  1. We're planning a trip to Normandy/Ile de France for later this year and I've done some research on the area. We've decided to book at Moulin de Connelles for 140 euros per night. It has a nice looking restaurant though I can't vouch for it having not yet eaten there. About 7.5 km away is a place where I have eaten though a long time ago. It has since acquired one Michelin star and I know it to be charming--set in a lovely garden with weeping willows, etc. That's Les Saisons, 492 Rte des Saisons Vironvay, FR. The place is lovely and the food was wonderful. I expect you'd be happy there.

    1. Have you checked the "Relais & Chateau" guide or website yet? I've relied on them for about 10 different recommendations while traveling in England and France and they've never let me down for quality dining and accomadations; they are never cheap though and tend to be on the more formal side (relaxing enough for your tastes?). One came up in a small village south of Rouen:

      Manoir des Saules
      5 rooms 170 to 235 Euros
      Dinner 70 Euros - Maybe too much?

      They also recommend Restaurant Gill in Rouen at 42 Euros. They don't recommend very many.

      Check out there website below. Click on "Access" for a location map, ect.